Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A time of transitions

Hello All,

     I apologize for the long delay between posts around here!  It has been a very, very busy year.  APTA elections are just around the corner and I've been devoting a good deal of time to my efforts on that front. And of course, with elections come this year's House of Delegates which marks the gathering of the highest governing body of our profession.

I'm very proud to be a part of this year's House.  Just to name a few, we will be tackling issues such the profession's role in end of life care, the possibility that it's time for PTs to bring on additional extenders beyond PTAs, and reflecting on how Vision 2020 is evolving and could be changed.  The House is a place of great passion and enthusiasm.  It is endlessly satisfying to see so many PTs and PTAs lively advocate for what they feel is the right course.

This blog has always been about questioning what is known, be that assumptions regarding new PTs, philosophies about where we are headed as a profession, or even just the present state of health in society.  The microcosm of ideas, musing, and rants here on Move It represent a different way of viewing our profession and reflections on common situations that New Professionals seem to find ourselves in.

So it is with great appreciation and admiration for all of Move It's readers and contributors, that I must make a confession.  My New Professional card has been revoked.  Ten days ago I officially eclipsed the 5 year mark.  From this point on, I hope to serve as a guest author only for the blog.  Fresh perspectives will be coming soon!  Stay tuned and thank you again for your readership!