~ Move It ~ Election

As a candidate for APTA office it's important that I not maintain a website for the "exclusive purpose of campaigning". I will never ask for a vote on my blog. But I strongly believe the behind the scenes story of the nomination process and election cycle has value for New Professionals. These are the posts that tell the first part of my tale:

It's funny sometimes the way energy cycles around...~
My first post after being nominated

Opportunities and Inquiry~
A little more insight into the election process

So much to do, so little time, and just as much certainty~
Still not knowing if I'll be slated, discussing strategery...

Why "Move It", why read it, and why now?~
What became the most popular Move It post of all time. Still unsure if I'll be slated, I redefine what Move It is all about.

The Big News: New Professional slated for National Office~
The big reveal

Ambitious Changes for Move It~
In which I set out a game plan for making Move It decidedly nota campaign vehicle