Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Hotness and furthered possibilities

It has been a technophiliac week for this NP. I type this blog from my living room on a brand new Netbook I picked up today. I'm hoping that having something new, faster, and even more portable will increase the regularity of my blogs. That being said, it was not the only improvement, advancement, or discovery of the week.

I have added Google Analytics to my repertoire of things I possess pseudo-knowledge of. That's right. I now officially know the readership of this blog: approximately one viewer every 10 days.

I remain undeterred. If anything, at least I know now that it is highly unlikely any of my coworkers are reading. (The viewer was in Alaska... or crafty like a fox.)

On the subject of people around the office, and given the perceived unlikeliness of any cats escaping, I will happily announce that I have made it through the first phase of pursuing the level 4 position where I work. No, no, not the "Resume updating for the first time since my first job after grad school" phase (though that merits a blog in and of itself), nor the "Cover letter circulation amongst your brainiest friends" phase either, this was much bigger.

The job description indicated that a minimum of 5 years work experience with at least 2 in supervisory/management capacities were required. [Note: Depending on how you frame that, I could have neither.] Well, and here is a testament to what working with the Student Assembly will get you, I made it through! They stated in an email that I met the minimum requirements! At least now, if I do not get the position, it will be someone that has actually met me making the decision and not someone rejecting a paper likeness. I would not be applying for the position if I didn't think I could do the job. But, somehow the fear of rejection is worse for me when it is based exclusively on selectively documented qualification.

On some level I just feel awkward and uncomfortable putting achievements down on paper. Is anyone else in our group like that? And beyond being awkward, it is downright hard to decide: what goes where, what to keep in from college, what to leave out from social'ish endeavors, who's format to use, complete or incomplete sentences, punctuation, bullets, and on, and on, ad nauseum. I worried that my voice was not the one on the page by the time it was tweaked hither, tither, up, down, and sideways.

Well, I hope it was not not my voice that got me this far.

Cheers and wish me luck! I will try to flesh out a little more of my thought process on the decision to pursue the supervisor position over one of the other endeavors when I have a little more time. The tiny little keyboard is getting to me tonight ;o)


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