Friday, October 15, 2010


To say the least, I've skipped a chapter or two of my 'new job' story. Things are going well and the environment offers a lot of opportunities that I didn't have previously. But as with all busy times, refocusing is a necessity and I've looked forward to turning my attentions back to this project. In the beginning, this blog was an opportunity to espouse my thoughts, spell out some arguments for or against issues facing healthcare and physical therapy, and especially, to give a voice to new professionals looking for their place within a changing health paradigm. I continue to wish my efforts to bring in other opinions had met with greater success. But, the blog continues and things of great interest are on the horizon.

I head later this morning to the Georgia Fall Physical Therapy conference. With programing and meetings today, I hope to make enough of an impression on members to be re-elected as a Georgia Delegate tomorrow. It's very exciting (and intimidating) to see the slate I'm running against. A CEO, a past PTAG president, two past vice-presidents, a nationally experienced PT advocate, an out of state past-delegate, and 3 recently graduated, enthusiastic rock stars. I suppose it becomes a conceit of being a "not so new" New Professional, new faces are good for 'us' but perhaps not for 'me'... It is going to be a tough re-election. It's great to know PTAG has so many great people pursuing the role though. Without a doubt, the association will be in good hands next year. But now I suppose I should go clean myself up a bit and polish my networking skills!

More blogging to come soon! Of particular interest, Emory is putting together an event in March which sets out to shape the future of practice. It will synergize themes from the Physical Therapy and Society Summit and the Vitalizing Practice through Research Conference in a progressive, focused environment. I have the good fortune of being a panelist for the event and will have much to report!



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