Monday, November 8, 2010

Opportunities and Inquiry

Well, the process is starting to make a bit more sense, if not the role I am to play. I now understand that a Nominating Committee 1 (NC1) form is mailed by a person or persons, group or groups to the Nominating Committee recommending an individual for a particular office. In my case, the National Assembly, leaders of the PTAs within the association, recommended me. This is interesting, and I really hope I am not committing any faux pas here by blogging about this, because at times I have voiced the opinion that PTAs might best be served by forming an independent, though allied, association. In conversation, this has not always been an endearing argument. My best guess is that they see advantages to having a "non-traditional thinker" on the Nominating Committee(NomCom). I would like to think that is true too.
(A quick aside on the appropriateness or inappropriateness, as the case may be, of blogging about behind the scenes happenings. I'm for it. And hopefully that will not come back to haunt me. I realize that, at times, I toe the line between what should and should not appear on a publicly accessible forum. I always try to let professionalism and learning be my guide. If I cross the line and get burned, at least others will know where the line is. Wish me luck or recommend a good wound specialist.)
Right so, the NC1 form is received by the NomCom and an NC2 form is mailed to the individual. This second form ascertains "Consent to Serve" for the suggested position and all other nationally elected positions. Once returned, the NC2 form and support statements submitted with the NC1 form guides the NomCom as a whole to determine a slate of candidates for all positions to be elected in a given cycle. Of note, the NomCom is not under any obligation to slate you, at all or for the position to which you were directly nominated. Now, I haven't gotten that far yet but, once the NomCom has determined if/where to slate you, you must again consent to serve in that capacity. (I might have to come back and correct that though.)

For me, the whole process raises some interesting questions. In what national position would an NP best serve? We could bring new energy, new ideas, and willingness to be bold to the NomCom. But perhaps the national scope and "contact list" isn't there yet. If it's not, is that a strength or a weakness? NomCom is a committee and each membership benefits from the collaborative effort of the whole. That sounds good for an NP. Would the same thing not also be true of the Board of Directors though? What unique benefit would be instilled in a Board that included an NP? What would be the detriment?

These are all things on my mind and I would love to hear your thoughts! But for now, cheers and have a nice evening. More to come as the process continues...


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