Thursday, March 19, 2009

The First of Many

Hello to the group formally known as the GoXV.  The Group of 15 was really never intended to be so confined.  Hopefully this blog will further our avenues of expansion and collaboration.  I hope we find it useful in whatever capacity it takes on.  



  1. It is amazing how GOXV makes me think of an abreviation, but the simple change to GoXV, make me think "Go 15!"'s almost a mantra.

  2. I'm with you James. I also used another idea I've had concerning the new brand. I really like Move Forward. But in applying it specifically to NPs, I like "Move It" better. I may actually incorporate that into my website later. It's a call to action. It says get off the couch to our patients. It says get out of your comfort zone to our new PTs and PTAs. And it says get off the bench to our researchers. Application and Impact: Move It NPs.

  3. Also takes us to Tim Flynn's infamous "Move It and Move On" RE:spinal manips
    Great idea though Ben, I like this as a stepping stone

  4. I concur. And with it....we can take on the world!!!

  5. This is great...Go 15 to perhaps Go 1500.. The sky is the limit on expanding the group!!