Saturday, March 21, 2009

Seamless Web

I am sure this will fall into place eventually, but is there a way we can make this blog, the google group, the facebook group, the e-mails all link up to create a more seamless share of info?
What is everyones preferred method for checking this info?
I know we can get updates on the blog through our email or rss feeder, including getting an update on the comments as they come through as well.

I did just find about a service called basecamp, which may an option for us if we want to setup a much more thorough website:
You can take a tour of what they offer... may not be worth it, just one idea.


  1. Bo, I like the thought and would like to get the opinion of others on this too. Personally, I think group hub offers the same functionality that the Google group does, but charges for it. We can do pretty much the same thing with a well organized and managed Google group. There are some differences but I think we should more thoroughly develop the our current method of communication.

    my 2,

  2. Something to think about. The "notes" function in Facebook allows you to import blogs automatically. I don't know if there is some blog that we would like to create to auto-import into Facebook.

    Just a thought.