Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Hopefully I’m not the only NP that can’t fathom how 2 weeks can flash by so quickly. I can’t say that anything has changed dramatically since I resolved to more seriously pursue professional change. Concrete steps I have taken: Contacted a coworker about trading work schedules come February (switching down to 32 hours and working a Wednesday-Saturday rotation). I’ve also taken on a slightly greater leadership role at my current job by heading up a group that will try to integrate different educational initiatives within the building (i.e. Grand Rounds, Journal Club, Inservices, Evening CEU courses, ‘Travelling’ CEU courses, and a group I started last year to discuss practice innovations.)

Ideally, I would like to work less and study more in 2010. I love my clinical work but feel that my calling is in areas with a more macro focus. So to the end of working less, going down to 32 hours in February and leaving my employer in June seems to strike the nicest balance between responsibility and innovation. [Note to self: Tell no one at work about this blog.] The next 6 months would give me the opportunity to save more money, complete more projects at work, and prepare to begin down another path. June would mark 4 years of traditional clinical work before “branching out”. I just wish I new what that was going to look like! More to come on that later. Now for a beer and, hopefully, back to back wins at trivia night!


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