Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A modest agenda

So, for no particular reason beyond having not much to do tonight, I'll continue my blog-athon with a list of options/opportunities/ideas worth developing in my life right now.

>Start my own LLC: Disruptive Physical Therapy (DPT, get it, ehn? ehn?)
>Develop newPTs.com: follow up on PASS with a cross-discipline collaboration builder
>Work on a blog/online presence for NPs: promote the 'Move It' brand (if you can label it as such)
>Develop an app for new professional collaboration and consensus building
>Quit working and get an MPH
>Quit working and get an MBA
{Continue working and do either of the above}
>Enroll in next year's MIT New Media masters class (starting 2011)
>Develop an open source component for John Moore's project at MIT's New Media lab (technology enabled remote rehab program compliance monitoring)
>Promote the development of Fellowships in Prevention (within Ortho/Cardiopulm)
>Pursue a nationwide practice analysis (part of a PhD?) to form a Prevention specialty

Do none of these things, live like a hermit until my loans are gone (2012 if I commit to serfdom), and then start innovating...

My favorite way to look at this list is as a 'surplus' of opportunities. How could I do all of these if they weren't partially combined or integrated? Could starting DPT, LLC enable me to pursue an MPH or even MPH-MBA while building newPTs.com? Or would that be overloading myself by taking on too much? I'd like to think not, but need to be rational.

My loans are at low interest rates (sub 5% fortunately enough). How much of my saving would a start up company take? Could I expect any return on invest? If so, how soon?

Enough for one night. More musing to come. ~ben

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