Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The cure for all New Professional ills... Belize

Hello all,

As the title would suggest, the blog has hit a lull because I have been taking some much needed R&R, three nights to be specific. It would have been longer, if only NPs accumulated PTO a little faster or did not have to use it quickly on things like conferences, job interviews, and hangovers...

Joking aside, I do not want to turn this into a travel blog. That is what my nonproductive blog is for. But I will say that meeting people with incredibly different lifestyles, cultures, and perspectives can do wonders for your resolve and productivity. It turns out to be a funny contrast between making me want to run from responsibility (most notably to tropical destinations) and reminding me how passionate I am about my reasons for putting my nose to the grindstone. I cannot say that the appeal of 6 months or a year of travel did not hit me hard, but I really do see the importance of working for change within our profession and culture more clearly.

So if you want to read some travel ramblings, read from the link above. And if you're waiting for the next NP blog, keep waiting. It should happen soon and be about a concept on the horizon within the House of Delegate to promote NP involvement in APTA leadership on a non-voting level... I hope enumerate the reasons I believe this to be a horrible idea.

Cheers, or perhaps Kampai, Ben


  1. I bet Belize was awesome!

    The APTA Membership Chair Conference in DC this past weekend was awesome and motivating. There were several New Profs and much networking was completed. We discussed how to 'engage' this group at length, and at some point in the near future, I will be putting these ideas into words, and I will share!

  2. It's awesome to hear that New Professionals are involved in national membership initiatives. That was my first role in the Georgia chapter and I found it extremely hard. So often I talked to people that didn't care for my "naive" views. I'd love to read about that and about the OCS Kate! I'll make you a contributor to the blog and have at it!