Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dealing with Different

Some times you get the best case scenario and some times you get reality. Right now I have reality. But for a brief moment things were looking well above my expectations.

Within the last week I was offered a job at a higher salary than I expected, with the expectation that I mentor new professionals, and with a choice of which team to be on. And, not incidentally, I thought I stood a real chance of being the next President of the Physical Therapy Association of Georgia (and therefore the youngest component president in APTA history). And then there was reality...

I won't say my opportunities have disappeared but the framing has changed...

My follow up questions to the job offer (sign on bonus for starting early, more time off for professional endeavors, rate of time off accrual, etc.) all came back with negative answers. Then I met with my mentor, the one that at CSM suggested enthusiastically that I run for president. He was less than enthusiastic. He was equivocal. And perhaps he was so for good reason, but, Dah!

My confidence in my ability to win the election has faltered. My desire to try anyway has not.

Life and my plans for the next few years seem less rosy. Admittedly, some of that is just the letting of wind out of my sails. This situation makes me wonder how close other NPs have come to making big career changing decisions and then either gone for it, consequences be damned, or backed off and acquiesced quietly.

I think it's time for a change and I'm not prone to run for challenges. It would just be nice to feel that a) a company is willing to bend rules to bring me on board, and b) that I had a strong advocate in my corner for running for a milestone position for an NP to achieve.

More on that come. And certainly, a blog on my nonexistent negotiation skills will follow.


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