Friday, December 3, 2010

The Big News: New Professional slated for National Office

... and incidentally, it's me.

With the announcement of the slate today, I can finally, officially divulge that I am a candidate for APTA's Nominating Committee. I've been trying to wrap my head around what that really means for the better part of two weeks. So far I've made it just past "Yippee!" or something to that effect that sounds a bit more appropriate coming for a 29 year-old. I'm thrilled for myself, intimidated and nervous too, yes. But most of all I'm excited at the prospect of an NP (New Professional) serving the Association in a significant role during a time of change and growth. If successful, I may get to set a precedent for how dedicated and progressive the NP crowd can be. While happy for me, I'm pumped for us!

I have lots of thoughts on what the process may hold. Recently I've come to see the NomCom's mission as bringing ideas (specifically people with ideas) and skills (specifically people with skills) to the table. Members of APTA then get to decide which combination will best suit the needs of our profession. It's an exciting, though a bit daunting, opportunity to help facilitate this process. Sink or swim, how I perform in the election cycle will have a bearing on the expectations for and the perceived readiness of the New Professionals as a whole. I'm looking forward to representing our demographic well. Please let me know what you think and please considering participating on Move It!


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