Sunday, February 28, 2010

Catching up on catching up

I would be remiss to let a full week go by after CSM without a follow up blog! The event itself was a whirlwind with lots of learning, networking, and a great deal of fun. True to NP form, we rush to prep for it, we cram in as much as humanly possible, and then we drag ourselves through the following week. Basically, in spite of that pesky fatigue business, it's as fast-paced, stimulating, and PT-geeky as a week can be. I had a blast. The following 5 work days, though, oye! Stress almost seems more intense until the next 'real' break. I needed to catch up on sleep and read a distracting book just to reset my brain. I'm afraid I don't have much else to contribute tonight. I am prepping for a panel discussion taking place on Wednesday. More on that after the event, "Is Our Dynamically Changing Health Care Environment Jeopardizing Successful Rehabilitation Outcomes?". Yours truly will be serving as moderator. Good times...



  1. Hi Ben. This is Kim Lancaster. We met briefly after a class for students and NPs that turned into a financial-help discussion for SPTs. :) Just to add a quick note for whomever may catch sight of this blog, CSM was wonderful this year. All of this knowledge in one place, for one week, is amazing to me. If you (the reader) have not taken part in APTA's CSM, and you are a new professional, I STRONGLY suggest getting involved immediately. As corny as this will sound, we are the future of this amazing profession, and we need to learn and draw from past and present PTs to ensure a more successful future. CSM is a great place to accomplish this. The APTA's Annual Conference and Exposition is coming up in June, in Boston, MA, I might add, and this is also a wonderful time to see exactly what our governing bodies are up to. I, for one, will be there, and I hope to see more new professionals there as well!!

  2. I couldn't agree with you more Kim! CSM is always very energizing. It's great to feel a part of something so big with so much potential for impact. Thank you for reading and posting to the blog! If you ever want to contribute, that's what we're all about around here. Just let me know :o)