Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mid-air musings

As I write this, I’m somewhere between here and there. On my way to San Diego and also trying to figuring out what it takes to be an expert clinician. The reason for my early departure from Atlanta is a preconference course, Neurologic Practice Essentials: Clinical Decision Making as a Foundation for Expert Practice. As a NP I've practiced in a Geriatric Hospital as an LTAC and outpatient PT and in an Acute Rehabilitation Hospital as a PT on the general rehab floor. The NCS seems like my best choice for advanced certification, should I go for it. It also, of course, matches my obsession with neuroplasticity (seriously, read that book).

So with the goal of adding 3 letters behind my name, and with a year and change left on the NP shot clock, I am rolling the dice on a career focus. While I’m a little behind some of my peers and while I won’t be able to sit for the exam until after I lose my New Professional status, it feels like the right move. The whole process seems like a huge undertaking both from a financial and from a time management standpoint. Nonetheless, getting certified seems like one of the best ways to maximize your clinical skills during the initial stages of our practice. I’m hoping to get a contributor or two to blog on their experience with the Board Certification process from an NP perspective in the near future (ahem, KATE).

I finished an article on the flight about characteristics of expert practice amongst role-model PTs. It makes me wonder what the parallels would be between those individuals and, for instance, NPs that pursue residencies and early (relatively speaking) board certification. Are we “future experts” with pre-existing, similar philosophies or does the philosophy develop concomitantly with the expertise? Maybe this course will let me know.

I’m curious what the makeup of the course will be. I hope to see some other NP faces in the crowd. This type of course really captures an aspect of the “Move It” mentality that I would like to develop within our cohort. One day I hope there will be a clear post-academic track for new professionals seeking involvement, opportunity, and excellence.

Cheers and much more to come as the week goes on!


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  1. Hi Ben!

    I'm here finally to chat about the certification process. Would you like me to comment here or write a blog, I'm not quite sure how to do that at this point. Guide me!