Thursday, February 18, 2010

Intuition shmentuition

I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed my first ever pre-conference course! While it admittedly had a lull here and there, so does my attention span on warm sunny days. I will, briefly, take issue with one assertion from the course. A differentiation was made between "Intuitive" vs "Systematic" decision making. I just want to say that I do not believe in intuitive decisions. (Please argue with me if you disagree.) I believe that all decisions that we make are systematic. We may not have the words, or perhaps the evidence, to support that decision, but in the end, a decision, any decision, is a hypothesis. It is a guess based on something. A gut feeling (the intuitive's cliche) is more than nothing. Perhaps our language has not yet evolved to explain the decision making process, but somewhere, on some level, data is being analyzed and a hypothesis is being tested. Our goal as a profession, for the good of our clients, is to make these hypotheses progressively more standardized. That standardization was the strength of the NCS prep course and I think has important implications for all aspect of practice!

Well, for someone 3 hours 'ahead' of East Coast time, this is the best I can do for one night. I hope anyone coming across Move It for the first time after CSM will find something relevant to themselves. Please comment, contribute, or, by all means, heckle.


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